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Girişim Faktoring
How To Apply

To apply for our factoring services, all you need to do is take the following documents to the nearest Girişim Factoring service point. 

Documents Required
1. Balance sheets and income statements for the last three years; semi-annual balance sheet, detailed trial balance and income statement.
2. A certified true copy of the company’s registration certificate/certificate of incorporation.
3. A certified true copy of the official company documents/certificates showing the distribution of the shares amongst named individuals, including any changes/transfers which might have taken place.
4. Authorized signature list.
5. An original/certified true copy of a recent certificate of incumbency or good standing certificate.
6. Tax registration card.
7. Bank, leasing, factoring limit/risk/guarantee information.
8. Capacity report (as applicable).
9. Investment incentives certificate (as applicable).
10. Certificate of the company’s authorization (as applicable).
11. Photocopies of deeds to properties belonging to the firm or its partners (as applicable).
12. For contractors: progress payment/expenditure table, machinery and equipment list, completed/ongoing works table.

NOT: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are needed in order to start processing your application. The others can be supplied later.