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Girişim Factoring meets your needs properly and on time thanks to its expert staff, analysis power and knowledge as well as its fast and efficient process management system. It solves your cash problems.
Girişim Faktoring
Local Factoring Services

With its strong financial structure and expert staff as well as the experience and knowledge it has in finance market, Girişim Factoring provides solution offers for the financing needs of companies. Factoring is a solution method for the liquidity and collection problem which is the most important aspect of a company’s financing. From time to time, companies have to extend their sale terms in order to keep up with competitive market conditions. Extended terms increase operating capital needs and distorts company’s cash flow balance. Companies have when labor, raw material and electricity invoices become due long-term receivables or such payment instruments as checks and bonds instead of cash. You can enable your company's cash flow just by consulting to us.

Financing Service: You can facilitate your company’s cash flow by using our financing service and assigning your future receivables.

Guarantee Service: You can expand your own customer portfolio and increase your turnover amount by using our guarantee service without thinking about the collection issue.

Collection Service: You can lighten your personnel load by using our collection service.