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Girişim Factoring started its operations in 1997 as a member of Fiba Group which is one of the powerful and reputable members of the finance sector
Girişim Faktoring

As Girişim Factoring, we are offering our services by adhering to the basic business values of our umbrella company 'Fiba Group'.

Outstanding Service Quality

  • The primary reason underlying our company's development is the constant importance we are attaching to offering perfect services for meeting the requests and needs of our customers.

Productivity and Dynamism

  • We expect our employees to be dynamic while adapting to rapidly-changing business conditions as well as expecting them to employ productive and efficient approaches while handling business issues.

Respect and Teamwork

  • We have infinite respect against ourselves and others. We pay attention to creating an environment which will encourage teamwork and growth issues.

Leadership and Authorization

  • For us, the most important factor is human quality. We authorize our employees to take initiatives for creating the best they can do. This is why we raise the most successful leaders among our own Group.


  • We are responsible against our shareholders and customers. We assume the whole responsibility resulting from our actions, decisions, products and services which can affect them.


  • We are doing our best for contributing to the society by taking part in the social responsibility projects performed in many areas.