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Cooperating with Girişim Factoring brings along many advantages offered by factoring transactions.
Girişim Faktoring
What Does Factoring Bring In To You?

When you receive financing service for the invoices you assign to the Factoring;

  • You can meet your operating capital needs in a fast way
  • You can reduce your production costs by having discounts made during product purchases
  • You can regulate your company’s cash flow and ensure it to be sustainable
  • Receivables, stocks and commercial payables shown on your balance sheet reduce; your company's liquidity rate increases
  • You can keep up with competitive conditions by extending business terms
  • You can protect yourselves against exchange rate risks during the product purchasing/selling transactions performed in foreign currencies
  • Factoring enables you to gather intelligence about your customers

When you receive guarantee service;

  • You can make sales to new customers without thinking about collection problems as well as increasing your sales volume in a safe way

When you receive collection service;

  • Factoring company follows up your receivables from the customers on behalf of you; it collects these receivables and reports them to you, thus enabling you to save on personnel and time